Ian Faria

Positive Thinking, Communication Skills and Leadership

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Ian Faria is a reputed motivational speaker, corporate trainer and counsellor based in Bangalore, India. 

Ian has started and successfully run business enterprises for more than 20 years. He, therefore, has both theoretical knowledge and hands on experience. His role as the president of many different business and social service organizations has helped gain valuable practical experience in Leadership and Organizational Behaviour.

His motivational programmes are acknowledged as one of the best transformational programmes in the country. The WEEK magazine profiled Ian as one of the country’s top “Motivational Gurus”. He is also a gifted communicator, and transformational speaker.

He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, Founder Chairman of the Toastmasters Territorial Council of South Asia and winner of the Toastmasters International Taped Speech Contest 2001, and the only Indian to receive the Presidential Citation (2006).

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