Testimonials - Dr. Siju Jacob, Endodontist Dubai & Bangalore | Root canal treatment specialist Dubai & Bangalore

Dr. Siju Jacob is recognized globally as an expert in Micro-endodontics. Here’s what some of the most renowned clinicians around the world say about Dr. Siju Jacob:

"Beautiful Cases! Your work is impressive and demonstrates considerable skill, dedication and determination! I truly enjoyed reviewing such a nice cross-section of work. Some of the cases you treated were anatomically complex. Congratulations, My friend."

Clifford J. Ruddle

Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS
227 Las Alturas Road 
Santa Barbara, CA 93103 USA 

"It was a pleasure to meet you in Bangalore and spend some time in your company. I had a chance to review the cases on your website and can honestly say your work is world class.

The complexity of the anatomy you have negotiated and filled beautifully make you stand out as a very special endodontist. You should be proud of your achievements elevating the standard of endodontic care in India. The world stage awaits you. You deserve it! My very best wishes, dear friend."

Dr Julian Webber

Dr Julian Webber BDS MS (Northwestern, Chicago) FICD
Director, The Harley Street Centre for Endodontics
121 Harley Street, London W1G 6AX

"I am really impressed with you work.
Very consistent and beautiful cases. I particularly like the way you take pics of clinical steps, you have a great eye for detail. I think you can be proud of yourself!
All the best!"

Marga Ree

Marga Ree DDS, MSc

"I have known Dr. Siju Jacob for over a decade both at a professional and personal level. He has made quite a name for himself as a talented clinician. His clinical skills as an endodontist are exemplary.

It is commendable that he takes the time to share his knowledge and skill with his colleagues in India by speaking at various conferences, conducting workshops and thereby elevate the standards of endodontic care in India. He is a warm, caring and fun loving person who is highly committed to his patients. We are all very proud of him"

Dr. Sashi Nallapati

Dr. Sashi Nallapati
Practice Limited to Endodontics
Kingston, Jamaica

"Wonderful Work! A lot of times I look at these tough cases as you present them and envision how I would proceed. It is a great way to learn from your cases. Thank you so much for your wonderful documentation and willingness to share. More people could learn a thing or two about how to teach from your methodologies. Thanks again."

Glenn Van As

Glenn Van As

"I am familiar with your work for quite some time and I just wanted to tell you that you are one of the most skilled Endodontists in the world. Your work shows a lot of knowledge and endodontic skills. You are an inspiration for the young generation of Endodontists throughout the world. Warm regards my friend."

Dr. Sergiu Nicola

Dr. Sergiu Nicola
Practice limited to Endodontics
Bucharest, ROMANIA

"Dr.Siju Jacob is a leader in the field of endodontics in India. He was the first in Bangalore to recognise and use an operating microscope to provide state of the art endodontic care. He has educated the new generation of specialists in India. I have known him for more than 15 years from his Post Graduate days and his passion for endodontics has only been on the rise. I distinctly recall that his Thesis topic was regarding how to minimise pain during an endodontic procedure. In my opinion he is first among equals in the field of endodontics in India. I wish him a long and a prosperous career."

Dr. Venkat Canakapalli

Dr. Venkat Canakapalli
Private Practice Limited to Endodontics
Tauranga, New Zealand

"I have been following the cases of Dr. Siju Jacob for several years on dedicated endodontic fora. Dr. Jacob’s cases are always high-level cases which demonstrate his outstanding skills as an endodontist. I am sure that many people around the globe are happy to be able to learn from this excellent dentist. I am also sure he provides the highest quality of care to all of his patients. I was fortunate enough to have met him in India in 2014 and I found him to be a warm and honest person. I can only hope we will meet again soon."

Rafaël Michiels

Rafaël Michiels DDS, MSc
Hasselt, Belgium

"I am delighted to talk about how much professional quality and human assets my dear friend Siju deposits in his everyday practice. All this effort he has put over the years, with discipline, love and passion for our specialty is what defines his work. This commitment to his job and to his patients what has made Siju a major player in the world of Endodontics. Keep up the good work and keep making us proud of being your colleague!"

Dr. Freddy Belliard

Dr. Freddy Belliard
Guadalajara, Spain

"Me and Siju met quite some time ago, more than 10 years ago, in the era of the Roots v.1.0. We were both at the moment of starting our careers and I was glad to see Siju's posts and comments on that forum. Finally we met in 2006 in Amsterdam at the Roots Summit. Since then I admire on a constant base the quality of work Siju is delivering on his patients. He let us see in the last decade lots of beautifully treated cases, and very difficult ones. He is a real master of managing and treating calcified canals, one of the most (if not really the most !) challenging treatments that we have in Endodontics.

I was proud to share the stage with Siju, both in real life and also the virtual one, in Roots Summit India 2014 and International Endo Masters 2015. He showed that he is not only a great clinician but an awesome lecturer and teacher. His presentations were of great quality of professionalism. Siju Jacob is a great endodontist and colleague! Congratulations for everything you have achieved!"

Roberto Cristescu

Roberto Cristescu
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful collection of beautiful cases. I am very impressed with your work; even in the most complex situations you can demonstrate impressive results. In addition you also fulfill a high responsibility in teaching dentists, which will considerably raise the overall level of Endodontics performed in general practice. Congratulations! My best wishes for your successful practice."

Helmut Walsch

Helmut Walsch
Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics
Munich, Germany